Web Design and Maintenance
Web Design and Maintenance
Digital Photography
Audio/Video Production
Streaming Video

Online Business Card

A clean and simple website, an online extension of the printed business card. A place for resumes, pictures and other items one would like to present to a client or potential employer. The online business card can also be combined with an eBusiness card - a credit card sized CD.

Visual Artist's Online Gallery

Present your Portfolio online. The Gallery could include streaming video, 3D rotation of 3D artwork, 360° panoramas, and audio.

Non-Linear Showreel

For the audio/visual and entertainment professional a showreel is of vital importance. Having a repository of video and/or audio clips online in a random access format significantly improves the odds that the casting director or producer will watch the material.

All media professionals are on broadband by now and carefully optimized and partially pre-loaded Streaming Video can greatly reduce the download time of your video and audio clips.

Virtual Tours and Online Interactive Video

With over 20 years of experience in Interactive Media, PixelTornado is well suited to provide you with various forms of interactive presentations, such as Virtual Tours and Online Interactive Video.

Virtual Tours use a combination of still images and Panoramas with "hotspots" (clickable areas within the picture or panorama) to give the website visitor a more immersive impression of a location, such as a museum or vacation destination.

Online Interactive Video is a rather new medium, where an interactive overlay is added to the video footage. These "hotspots" allow branching to a different part of the video or another clip, with or without an accompanying text or audio stream. This is a great format for complex assembly instructions and training applications.

Business Presence Online

All basic elements of a business website such as Online Forms and Shopping Carts can be provided. It is often more practical for a business to update certain sections of the website in-house.

A simple to use WYSIWYG Content Management System will allow authorized co-workers to edit and upgrade content from any browser.